Many families are living on the breadline (Picture: Getty Images)

As the cost of living crisis continues to bite, one family has been forced to limit showers to just one a week to try keep their energy bill down.

Families across the UK are under some of the biggest pressures right now as inflation hits a 40-year high and the war in Ukraine is pushing up food prices.

The Atmane family lives in one of London’s most expensive areas – Fulham, south west London – and they say the crisis is having a massive impact on them.

Things have been difficult for the family since Zahia’s husband lost his job at a restaurant during the pandemic.

They have limited the number of times they cook a week and are only taking showers once a week.

Zahia is mother to teenage girls who are aged 13 and 14 and can only afford to buy essential food, relying on their local food bank called Dad’s House for the rest.

‘It’s a big pressure for us especially when you have kids and we try to deal and manage with this crisis but the price is getting very expensive and very high every day,’ she told The Independent.

‘We cut down on a lot of things like buying clothes, buying the branded shampoo or soap, now we just buy the essential things, non-branded from Tesco or Sainsbury’s.

Energy bills are set to rise further soon (Picture: Getty Images)

The family are being forced to shower once a week (Picture: Getty Images)

‘It’s been very hard for the kids especially with this age they ask for a lot of things which I try to explain to them all the time. We try to explain things but it’s very hard.

‘We’re getting very sick because of all these things happening, I’m stressed and depressed.’

In a U-Turn last week chancellor Rishi Sunak announced a £5 billion temporary windfall tax of 25% on oil and gas companies to help fund a £15 billion package of assistance for households struggling in the cost-of-living crisis.

Mr Sunak said almost all of the eight million worst-off households in the UK will benefit to the tune of £1,200. That includes a £650 cost-of-living payment for the poorest, a one-off £300 payment to 8 million pensioner households and £150 each to 6 million disabled people.

And he said he will double the assistance with energy bills on offer to all households this autumn from £200 to £400 and convert the payment from a loan to a grant.

Zahia, who is unable to work due to a back condition, said her family welcomes the additional support coming from the government as her husband seeks full time work.

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