Four friends travelled from different US states to try out Binley Mega Chippy in Coventry (Picture: Josh Layton,

Four newly-made friends from the US came to experience what is now the world-famous Binley Mega Chippy experience – and left complete with the T-shirts.

Ryan Holder, 19, from Illinois, Chicago, Sebastian Hopper, 20, from Orlando, Florida, Taylee Norman, 19, from Las Vegas, Nevada, and Jay Allen, 20, from New York, made Coventry’s viral sensation their first port of call.

Joining an hour-long queue, they ordered the bulky portions at the counter and made sure they had purchased some mementoes from a fast-food phenomenon that has amassed almost 350 million views on TikTok alone.

The group, who are staying in Birmingham before moving on to London, were all smiles as they experienced a quirk of British life, eating under a tree on a nearby grass verge.

The suburban chippy’s viral fame is mainly down to a fan’s adoring video of the takeaway with a folksy jingle repeating its name which began life on TikTok. Influencers, social media users, celebrities and fast-food fans descended from all over the UK and abroad, with hundreds flocking to the fast-food mecca on Thursday evening.

As the queue snaked outside the car park, the foursome, who met on the Discord travel server, chatted and waited patiently for the pivotal moment of their trip across the Atlantic.

‘We saw it on TikTok and just thought we had to come,’ Ryan said.

‘It was just the randomness of the videos and the dance moves and the fact that you can’t get anything like this in America, where you don’t get fish and chips. We just had to see it for ourselves.’

Taylee Norman (l), Sebastian Hopper, Ryan Holder and Jay Allen try out the Binley Mega Chippy experience (Picture: Josh Layton)

Sebastian Hopper from Orlando wears the T-shirt after buying it over the counter at Binley Mega Chippy (Picture: Josh Layton)

Arriving in the UK on Wednesday, the friends are spending two nights in Birmingham and two in London. Binley was the catalyst for the trip and their fandom stretched to the point where they immediately put the T-shirts on after buying the souvenirs over the counter.

Taylee said: ‘We met on the Discord website and we were all planning to come to England anyway so Binley Mega Chippy seemed like the perfect reason to make the trip.

‘When we saw it on TikTok we loved the videos and it all just fitted together.’

Chief among the servings at the fast-food mecca is the £4.99 Morbius meal deal consisting of fish and chips, mushy peas and a can of pop. The trademark combo was in hot demand as the Americans arrived with the craze for the trending chippy showing no sign of slowing.

Sebastian, who had a cheeseburger and chips, said: ‘We all enjoyed the food and the staff were really friendly despite having such a long line of people to serve. It was fun seeing how excited others were to be there, playing music and showing up with nice cars and making videos.

‘It was a fun experience for all of us.’

Taylee Norman is among those who have flocked to Binley Mega Chippy from overseas after it trended on social media (Picture: Josh Layton)

The Americans made Binley Mega Chippy the first stop on their UK tour and used it as the main reason for their trip (Picture: Josh Layton)

Since the video began to trend last week, people have travelled from Australia, Portugal and France to the Binley Road cornerstop.

On TikTok, videos under the Binley Mega Chippy heading have amassed 348 million views to date. One user’s take, headed ‘best experience of my life’, has garnered 562,000 views alone. Gordon Ramsay is among the celebrities who have turned up outside the distinctive red-and-yellow frontage to give his verdict on the fare, declaring it ‘delicious’.

The current management bought the unlikely tourist attraction last year, but it was established more than a decade ago.

Owner Kamal Gandhi has said he had no idea at first why it had become so popular as people began arriving in their droves, including a group who had travelled in a minibus from Dundee.

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But his team has risen to the challenge and ordered in extra deliveries of potatoes to make sure stocks last, with 10 members of staff being visible behind the counter on Thursday.

Speaking to the Guardian, Kamal said: ‘We know it could fizzle out at any moment but we hope it continues.’

Despite being credited as the main driver for the chippy’s viral takeoff, the identity of the TikToker who posted the video from the binleymegachippyfan53 account remains a mystery.

He is known only to be a 20-year-old student named Alex who admitted to student newspaper The Tab that he has never visited the object of his musical affections.

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