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Jasmine and Xander have been getting on like a house on fire after discovering each other in the aftermath of their fathers’ passing. Xander is keen to put down some roots in the Bay, and applies for a paramedic job nearby. On the day of the interview, he’s full of nerves, but Jasmine is supportive and encourages him to run it off.

Later, he comes back with a spring in his step, confident that he did well. Jasmine begins looking for rentals for both Xander and Jasmine, feeling upbeat about her chances of having her siblings living close by. She cracks open the champagne in Salt later, just in time for Xander to arrive, but his mood has changed – he got a call informing him he didn’t get the job.

Jasmine decides she can’t give up on Xander’s chances of living in the area permanently, so she recruits Logan on her mission to get her brother employed. Logan says he will speak with his colleagues in nearby Reefton Lakes to see if there are any opportunities, and Jasmine feels her job is done. However, Irene provides the voice of reason and encourages her not to get her hopes up.

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Logan is curious about why Jasmine is so keen to help her brother all of a sudden, and Xander says he can fill him in over a beer. The pair get to know each other in Salt, and Xander realises life in the Bay could be pretty good if he’s able to stay. Later, Logan shares the unfortunate news that there aren’t any jobs going at the moment.

(Picture: Channel 5)

However, Jasmine is like a dog with a bone and comes up with an idea – they can go to the Reefton Lakes Medical Centre and network with the staff. Xander relents in the face of her optimism and they jump in the car. But on the way, they stumble across the aftermath of a car crash. To their horror, Logan is behind the wheel in one vehicle, conscious but in shock.

Meanwhile, Xander immediately jumps into action and tends to a bleeding newcomer called Millie. Somebody involved in the crash won’t make it – but who will it be?