The broken wing mirror scam is catching people out (Picture: Getty Images/iStockphoto)

Scammers falsely blaming unsuspecting drivers for their ‘broken wing mirrors’ and are demanding large sums of cash.

Police have issued a warning about the scam which is costing innocent drivers out of pocket.

The scammers are hitting the side of passing cars to make it sound like there has been a collision.

They then proceed to catch up with their targets and then demand cash off them.

North Wales Police described an incident where the driver of a Range Rover fell victim to the scam in Pensarn, Conwy.

A spokesman for the force said: ‘The victim will be driving along and then hear a bang on the passenger side of their vehicle.

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‘A car will then follow behind, get them to pull over and then claim that the victim just struck his driver’s door mirror and demand cash for repairs.

‘What actually happens is that the scammer is parked at the roadside and will deliberately strike the victim’s car as it passes. The damaged mirror is fake and wasn’t caused by the victim.’

Anyone with information should contact police.

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