George Shuttleworth’s (Tony Maudsley) hope of living a quiet life in Coronation Street is quickly destroyed soon.

No, not by Todd (Gareth Pierce) or Eileen (Sue Cleaver), but by newcomer Frank (Simon O’Brien).

Currently enjoying getting to know Sean (Antony Cotton), we haven’t learnt a great deal about Frank yet, but that’s all set to change.

In a new Corrie spoiler video, we see Frank at the bar talking to Daisy (Charlotte Jordan).

When George arrives, it’s clear he’s looking forward to meeting Sean’s new love interest, but the smile on his face quickly drops when he sees who Sean’s date is.

‘Frank, it’s you!’, George says, horrified.

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‘Georgie Porgie! How are you mate?’, Frank responds with a smile on his face.

As a new storyline begins, Simon O’Brien has revealed more about George and Frank’s history:

The smile is soon wiped from George’s face (Pictures: ITV)

‘Frank and Sean’s romance is blossoming and in walks George, into the Rovers, and Frank and George immediately recognise each other because way-back-when they went to school together. Whereas Frank is pleased to see George, George does not reciprocate that and he has to really cover up the fact that just the very sight of Frank puts George in a very bad place.

‘It makes him very anxious because George being the very mild-mannered character he’s been throughout his life would have been at school the butt of jokes and as it turns out Frank would have been one of the ringleaders.’

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