Noah is annoyed when Mack sides with Charity (Picture: ITV)

Tensions are high as the day of Noah (Jack Downham)’s sentencing approaches in Emmerdale and he’s a hot topic of conversation.

In the Woolpack, Mack (Lawrence Robb) questions Ethan (Emile John) about what sort of sentence Noah is likely to get. Kerry (Laura Norton) overhears this, and naturally her focus is more on the damage that Noah has done to Chloe (Jessie Elland) rather than how Noah is going to be affected. This sparks a row between her and Charity (Emma Atkins) that gets more and more heated, until Charity throws Kerry out of the pub.

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Later on, Charity is upset to hear from Noah that he’s still blaming her for the predicament he’s in. Noah is stunned when Mack steps in and takes Charity’s side, defend her against Noah’s accusations.

As Charity and Mack form a united front in trying to get Noah to see that he’s the one who’s in the wrong and he still hasn’t accepted responsibility for his crimes against Chloe, Noah feels completely alone.

Noah maintains to Belle (Eden Taylor-Draper) that he wants nothing to do with Charity any more and as far as he’s concerned he has no mum. Despite this, Charity can’t bring herself to let him be on his own at court so she goes along – and is there when the judge passes the sentence.

Is Noah going to jail?