Amelia continues to put her health at risk (Picture: ITV)

Amelia (Daisy Campbell)’s body image issues lead to her taking dangerous risks in upcoming Emmerdale episodes and she dramatically collapses.

Cathy (Gabrielle Dowling) has been worried about Amelia for a while as she’s becoming increasingly preoccupied with how she looks. She was recently devastated to get a negative comment on a post on social media and has been spending a fortune on gym clothes.

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But it was a bottle of something mysterious that worried Cathy the most and she searched online for what it was. Amelia tried to distract her, knowing that she was taking supplements that were potentially harmful for her.

The supplements are revealed to be weight gain syrup, as Amelia tries to get the curvy body that social media has persuaded her is the physical ideal. While she’s out with her friends she suddenly collapses, terrifying her friends.

As Bob (Tony Audenshaw) and Dan (Liam Fox) try to get to the bottom of what’s wrong with Amelia they interrogate Heath (Sebastian Dowling) about what he knows.

Will Bob and Dan be able to help Amelia before it’s too late?