Toyah Battersby’s world comes crashing down around her in upcoming Coronation Street episodes as she’s arrested for Imran Habeeb’s (Charlie de Melo) death.

This week, after Imran found Toyah at the station, he decided to use the car journey home to reveal the truth about his recent betrayal and paying Ben to lie in court.

When the crash aired again, we saw it from multiple angles, allowing us to learn Toyah certainly didn’t slam the brakes or make an effort to follow the road.

This adds to DS Swain’s theory, who thinks Toyah crashed her car with the intention of killing Imran after their tense conversation.

Toyah’s efforts of protesting her innocence won’t be enough as soon, the police arrest her.

As this new video shows, Leanne (Jane Danson) is continuing to support Toyah, who’s still looking after baby Alfie.

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When Adam (Sam Robertson) arrives, he informs them he’s started letting Imran’s clients know about his funeral.

Time for discussing Imran’s funeral quickly ends as DS Swain arrives to arrest Toyah for death by careless driving.

DS Swain returns to Weatherfield to make the arrest (Pictures: ITV)

With Leanne horrified, Toyah is taken away by the uniformed police officer – but where will things lead?

There is plenty of evidence to prove Toyah crashed her car deliberately – could she be facing a murder charge?

Or can Adam ensure she doesn’t face time behind bars?

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