The cobra appeared to raise its head poised for attack (Picture: Newslions/SWNS)

A teacher was left horror struck after being forced to empty out a cobra from a pupil’s school bag in India.

Footage shows the man at Badoni School unzip the rucksack and tip the dangerous serpent out alongside all the other contents on Wednesday.

Pupil Uma Rajak had no idea the snake had slithered its way in to her bag and she was unaware that it was even inside until she reached in for her books.

The young girl and teacher were unharmed by the cobra, whose venom is powerful enough to kill up to 20 people from just one bite.

At one point, the snake looks like it is poised to attack once it makes its way out of the bag.

However, it eventually slithers away.

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The girl only discovered the cobra when she went in her bag to find some books (Picture: Newslions/ SWNS)

The teacher and schoolgirl were luckily left unharmed (Picture: Newslions/SWNS)

It wasn’t too long ago that a long slithery snake escaped right here in the UK.

An alleged 18-foot long python was spotted on a street in Chandlers Ford, Hampshire, last month.

Pictures showed the lightly-coloured serpent moving over roof tiles and through an open window.

Horrified onlookers spotted it 5.30am, before people inside the house started poking it with a broom.

The incident even led one man to call upon large snakes to be banned as pets in the UK.

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