Spoiler alert: He does look quite British (pic: Activision)

A new Modern Warfare 2 leak has fully revealed operator Ghost’s face but he doesn’t look as scary as you’d expect.

Operator Simon ‘Ghost’ Riley has always been a prominent figure in Call Of Duty, but even more so since the reboot of Modern Warfare and his addition to Warzone.

In the sequels, he is part of the SpecGru faction, though you’ll need to have purchased the Vault Edition’s Red Team 141 pack – Modern Warfare 2’s pricey special edition – to play as him, Captain Price, Farah, and Soap. 

Ghost has been concealing his identity under his hallmark skull mask to maintain anonymity, though it seems like that won’t be possible anymore, as a photo showing his full face has been leaked. 

The leak was posted on Reddit by a dataminer who managed to unearth the photo from Modern Warfare 2’s game files. 

It turns out that Ghost has a fully rendered face and that he’s modelled after his voice and motion capture performer, Samuel Rodkin – just like Captain Price, Soap, and Gaz. 

Prior to the leak, the only information available about his background is that he is from Manchester and that he served in the SAS before joining Task Force 141. 

Given the secrecy surrounding the character, fans of Call Of Duty have been speculating what’s been hiding under the mask, as he never takes it off in-game.

The Reddit post has since become viral, with many dedicated Call Of Duty players reacting to Ghost’s face reveal.  

One user’s comment gained a lot of likes, as they said that Ghost ‘definitely looks like a Simon.’ 

Another Redditor even compared him to Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story, but it’s up to you to decide whether that’s accurate or not.  

Many players also remembered a piece of dialogue in the game, where Soap jokes that Ghost’s face is the reason he wears a mask, implying that he’s ugly. 

Ghost then replies, ‘quite the opposite,’ with many players agreeing with him after taking a look at his face. 

‘He’s no Chris Hemsworth, but he’s a handsome guy,’ another Redditor added.

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Other players weren’t convinced that Call Of Duty would ever reveal Ghost’s face, saying that it’s just a placeholder and that they actually liked that he ‘didn’t have any face to place him to.’ 

Now that the cat is out of the bag, it would be a good idea for the game to add a legendary-tier skin of a maskless Ghost.  

Hopefully, it won’t be locked behind another pricey, special pack or bundle. 

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