guarantees visitors to this website, full respect for its privacy in compliance with national and European laws, in particular the GDPR European Directive. Visiting the name of the Site does not include the shipment by itself, neither manual nor automatically, of any kind of personal data identifying the visitor. Only some occasional services involve sending some personal data, this being optional and always with the informed consent of the visitor. The data sent will be treated by, under the terms of the current Personal Data Protection Law, assuming that the data is certain and accurate and that were inserted by the Visitor or its insertion was carried out by third parties, but always with the proper authorization of it. This privacy policy is part of the conditions of use of the website and regulates the collection and treatment of personal data of visitors, as well as the exercise of their rights according to the Personal Data Protection Law current. Collection and data processing The name of the site is the entity responsible for collecting and processing the personal data of its visitors. only collects data in three situations: “Reserve of dating”, “Contacts” and “Information Bulletin”. Personal data collected will only be stored by during the necessary time and can be transmitted by email to associated organizations. The data collected are intended to respond to your appointment reservation requests, as well as contact requests and the newsletter. The data is solely for the identification of the visitor, not being in any case, specifically requested any type of clinical information. Personal data sent by visitors will be preserved only to allow identification during the period of time strictly necessary to achieve the objectives of your request. After this period of time, the data will be eliminated. The website presumes that the personal data collected are true and accurate and have been introduced by their respective owner, or in case the insertion is carried out by third parties that it has been previously authorized by them. Right of access Under the law, visitors are guaranteed the right of access, updating and rectification of their personal data, as well as the right to oppose the treatment of said data, upon written request directed to, 92 Lewis Estates South Reece CW11 5SY. Data communication The name of the site can communicate the personal data entered by its visitors to third parties, including clinics / doctors, previously identified and knowledge of the visitor. Cookies policy The name of the site. It does not use cookies directly to collect any type of information from your visitors. Use, however, some Google Analytics cookies (Google Report Tool that allows you to obtain statistics from the visits to the site). These google analytics cookies have the sole purpose of recording statistical data related to the flow of visits and their characteristics. Google Analytics cookies only send data to the server where the domain is installed, which makes them owned by that domain. These data can not be modified or recovered by any service or another domain. The information obtained through these means does not allow to establish any relationship at the level of the IP address of the user in order to verify the personal data. You can find more information about the data policy obtained by Google Analytics at Changes in the Privacy Policy reserves the right, at any time and without prior notice and immediately, to change, add or repeal, partly or in its entirety, this Privacy Policy. Questions If you have any questions about these Terms of Use of the Site and the Privacy Policy, send us an email to [email protected]